The establishment of Geography Department at Sakarya University was arisen from consideration of the required geography courses, as a result of the restructuring of the Faculty of Education, covered by a department, and contributing in Sakarya region studies during Ass. Prof. Dr. Cercis Ikiel was employed in the Faculty of Education (1998). The thought was seen fit by the Faculty of Education, Sciences and Arts and Administration Office. The Department of Geography was proposed to establish, and with the approval of the executive board of YOK, it was established in 29/06/1999.

To begin operation, Ass. Prof.Dr. Cercis İkiel was appointed to the head of department in 2001, the development was continued with the inauguration of Research Ass. Muhammet Kaçmaz (2002), Research Ass. Beyza Kaymaz (2003), Ass. Prof.Dr. Ali Yiğit (2003) and Ass.Prof.Dr. Meryem Hayır (2004-2011). Master degree was initiated in 2003, and undergrad in 2005-2006. In the same year, Research Ass. Beyza Kaymaz began her Ph.D. (35TH provision) in Eurasia Institute of Earth Sciences at İTÜ, and Research Ass. Muhammet Kaçmaz began to earn his Ph.D. (35TH provision) in Geography Department, Faculty of Literature at Istanbul University. With the increasing need for teaching staff, Prof.Dr. F.Tülay Kızıloğlu (2006), Ass.Prof.Dr. Zerrin Karakuzulu (2007), Lecturer Ayşe Atalay (2005), Ass.Prof.Dr. Akif Karatepe (2008), Research Ass. Derya E.Kılıç (2009), Research Ass. Fatih Arıcı (2010), Ass. Prof. Dr. Korhan Erturaç (2011), Research Ass. Hatice Turut (2011), Research Ass. Hatice Kılar (2011), Research Ass. Yunus Emre Mutlu (2012), Research Ass. Fehmiye Çelenk (2012), Ass.Prof.Dr. Mehmet Fatih Döker (2013), Research Ass. Dr. Umit Duru (2015) have been employed by the department. Since 2013, Prof.Dr. F.Tülay Kızıloğlu has worked as the head of Geography Department.