Geography intends to do spatial analysis within the framework of human environment relations and to promote geographic information. It studies the relationship between human and environment and geographical facts and events that are caused by this relationship. Geography Departments aims to train graduates who grasp and exclaim the rebuilt of the venue (location and area), and who has the ability to use a way of thinking based on geographical information and up to date technology (Geographical Information System).
The Department of Geography aims to examine the relationship between people and their environment, and the geographical phenomena that occur due to this relationship. Geography, which is a discipline that analyzes dispersion patterns of populations with their causes and consequences, tries to explain the reconstruction of space with analytical studies. The department aims to produce graduates who have fundamental geography knowledge and are able to produce, process, evaluate and manage data about the natural and human environment by means of ge… All >>
The establishment of Geography Department at Sakarya University was arisen from consideration of the required geography courses, as a result of the restructuring of the Faculty of Education, covered by a department, and contributing in Sakarya region studies during Ass. Prof. Dr. Cercis Ikiel was employed in the Faculty of Education (1998). The thought was seen fit by the Faculty of Education, Sciences and Arts and Administration Office. The Department of Geography was proposed to establish, and with the approval of the executive board of YOK, … All >>

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Our mission is to educate graduates who have basic knowledge of geography; being capable of generating data regards to natural and human environment; being up to process, evaluate and manage these data with geographical information technologies. Our vision aims to be a constantly evolving department, preferred in the first place as the quality of education and research; working to solve the problems of especially our city, regions and country.